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Lesbian Sex: A How-to Guide for Beginners

Though it is not commonly spoken about openly, sex between females has been practiced for centuries. Today, there are many legit lesbian escort that you can hook up with for this indulgence. Perhaps you are attracted to women. Maybe you are just a bi-curious chick who wants to experience this sensation for the first time. Regardless of your predicament, there are many lesbian escorts who will be glad to help you enjoy the experience.

But, there are things that you should know and adhere to in order to enjoy a remarkable experience. Here’s a how-to guide for women who want to have their first experience with lesbian escorts in Las Vegas;

Understand your own Body.

Every woman is unique. But to understand the body of another woman, you need to know your own body. Therefore, take time to understand the critical parts of your body and how they work. These include the nipples, breasts, vagina, clitoris, and G –spot among others. Know what sets your body on fire because this might do magic on lesbian escorts. Also conduct some research on the anatomy of the vagina in terms of lesbianism.

Choose a Partner with Care

Whether you want to enjoy the first experience with a close acquaintance or lesbian escorts, take time to choose a partner. There is nothing wrong with having casual sex. However, know the most ideal partner for you and look for her. This will ensure mutual satisfaction and an experience to remember. Your first experience will have a significant impact on your future indulgences. Therefore, get a partner whose company you feel safe and comfortable to open up about anything.

Communicate Openly with Your Lesbian Escorts

These courtesans are the most understanding babes that you can go on a sensual adventure with. Whether you want to do it with lesbian massage models or a friend, communication is important for a great experience. Be sufficiently confident to freely hold honest conversations about the experience that you want to enjoy. Even non verbal communication is very important. For instance, consider things like the way your babies breathe and the sounds they make.

Take it Slow

Even if you already know what turns your baby on, start with simple tricks like kissing, licking, touching, and even masturbation. Also, decide on each other’s roles in the act since there should be a ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Whether you want to enjoy this experience with lesbian massage babes or close friends, there are no rights and wrongs. Just focus on enjoying the experience with your partner.

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